Founding Attorneys

James J. Nelson (Retired), admitted to Indiana Bar, 1969
Preparatory Education, Hanover College (A.B. 1965); Legal Education, Indiana University (J.D. 1968).

Charles D. Frankenberger (Retired), admitted to Indiana Bar, 1980
Preparatory Education and Legal Education, Indiana University (A.B. with highest distinction 1977; J.D. Magna Cum Laude 1980).

Member Attorneys

James E. Shinaver, admitted to Indiana Bar 1993
Preparatory Education, Purdue University (B.A. 1989); Legal Education, Valparaiso University (J.D. Cum Laude 1993). Title Insurance License (2000).

Lawrence J. Kemper, admitted to the Indiana Bar 1994; admitted to the Kentucky Bar 2016
Preparatory Education, DePauw University (B.A. 1991); Legal Education, Indiana University (J.D. 1994).

John B. Flatt, admitted to the Indiana Bar 1998
Preparatory Education, Purdue University (B.S. 1994); Legal Education, John Marshall Law School (J.D. 1998). Title Insurance License (2005).

Fredric Lawrence, admitted to the Indiana Bar 1997
Preparatory Education, Indiana University (B.A. 1994); Legal Education, DePaul University (J.D. 1997). Title Insurance License (2000).

Valerie L. Matheis, admitted to Indiana Bar 2009; admitted to Illinois Bar 2016
Preparatory Education, Indiana University (B.A. 2006); Legal Education, Western Michigan University (J.D. 2009). Indiana Creditors Bar Association (2011-present); Title Insurance License (2016).

Of Counsel

Jane B. Merrill, admitted to the Indiana Bar 1975
Preparatory Education, Purdue University (B.S. Math 1964); Legal Education, Indiana University (J.D. 1974).


Fred Pfenninger, admitted to the Indiana Bar 1974
Preparatory Education, Indiana University (B.A.); Legal Education, University of Michigan (J.D.); Harvard Business School, MBA

Land Use Professional

Jon C. Dobosiewicz
Education, Ball State University (Bachelor of Urban Planning, B.S. Environmental Design, B.S. Economics 1996).